The quality policy of the management of company ADAPT BULGARIA Ltd. is directed toward:

Satisfying the needs of our customers through providing products in high style and guaranteed quality, provided with the assistance of established suppliers and partners and constant improvement of the efficiency of processes of the management system.

For increasing the trust of our customers and partners the management of company ADAPT BULGARIA Ltd.:

Ø   Accepts the implementation and the maintenance of the management system in the company as a continuous process for enhancing and improving the efficiency of the processes related to implementing translation activity.

Ø   Establishing long-term and beneficial relations with customers as a determinant for forming a marketing strategy and policy on the Bulgarian market.

Ø   Constantly strives toward more comprehensive understanding of the needs and the requirements īf customers and seeks options for meeting them.

Ø   Sustains motivation of the employees and subcontractors of the company as guarantee for maintaining its positions in the business area.

Ø   Pays special attention to the collected information for processes flow, the reached compliance with the customers’ requirements, and for the efficiency of the management system, aiming at planning and realization of continuous system improvements.

Ø   Constant increase of the qualification of personnel, planning and investing in new and highly-efficient infrastructural elements.

Ø   Implements its activity under the requirements of the Bulgarian and European Legislation,including standard EN. 15038:2006.

You can find the quality policy on the web site of the company and our employees who do their best to work actively for its realization in our day-to-day activity.


As a manager of ADAPT BULGARIA Ltd., I attest my personal participation and responsibility for the implementation of the declared quality policy.



12th October 2012                                                                                                         Manager: (Ts. Bobcheva)